History 2006

2006/12/19 "Human-looking robots emerging into public, workplace' by Kathy Gurchiek " SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) online
2006/11/01 Japna robots look real CNN.com
2006/11/01 Bot Seriously Folks Reuters.com
2006/10/14 My android twin' by Ben Schaub New Scientist
2006/09/28 News show -- "Mechanical Love" documentary film directed by Phie Amno NHK BS1
2006/09/06 A Robot in Every Home by 2020, South Korea Says National Geographic News
2006/09/04 Technology/ Not Human Enough Newsweek (International�j
2006/09/04 Kansai News show NHK
2006/09/01 Osaka a l'heure de�@�sBLADE RUNNER�t NEWZY�@�iFrance)
2006/08/22 A man who made android USEN GYAO NEWS
2006/08/09 Robot Love Newsweek
2006/07/25 Bot the difference New Scientist Technology
2006/07/24 News show Fuji tv
2006/07/24 News show tv ASAHI
2006/07/20 Meet the Remote-Control Self (by Tim Hornyak) Wired News
2006/07/20 Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, the group leader of ATR Intelligent Robotics Laboratories, has developed "Geminoid HI-1" just like him!
2006/06/28 Will androids become a part of our everyday lives? by Daniel Harris electronic design
2006/06/01 My Date with a ROBOT by Robert Epstein SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MIND
2006/06/01 Team Osaka, Best Humanoid Award �@RoboCup 2006 Venue: Germany
2006/05/08 CNN: "Machines in our image"-Androids in our future CNN INTERNATIONAL
2006/05/01 Android Science by Timothy N. Hornyak SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN
2006/04/29 CNN Global Challenges CNN
2006/04/28 "LOVING THE MACHINE" by Timothy N. Hornyak Kodansha International
2006/02/27 I'll send my android twin New Scientist Technology
2006/02/10 feather on Japanese Science VARA TV (the Netherlands)
2006/02/01 Soon he'll be in two places at once The Sydney Morning Herald
2006/01/14 SCIENCE ZERO�F Discovery Canada Feature on Japan NHK KYOIKU
2006/01/06 About our Laboratory KBS (South Korea)