History 2007

2007/12/25 Professor creates robot in his own image TV3 (New Zealand)
2007/12/18 "besog Japan" High Tech Japan Denmark Embassy of Japan
2007/11/01 "Mechanical Love" Documentary film directed by Phie Ambo -- Can you love a robot? -- FILM (Denmark)
2007/11/01 "DOMO ARIGATO, MR. ROBOTO" Story and Photographs by Tony Mcnicol WINGSPAN (ANA in-flight Magazine)
2007/10/29 Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro took 26th place in Synectics Survey of Contemporary Genius 2007 Synectics (UK)
2007/10/18 Ein Roboter als Zwilling (A robot as Twin) Tages-Anzeiger (Switzerland)
2007/09/25 tjeneren, den tro kopi Illustreret Videnskab (Denmark)
2007/09/01 Creating "My Android Twin" to Know Human Better JAPAN CLOSE-UP JAPAN CLOSE-UP (PHP)
2007/08/19 Elsk din robot, som du elsker dig selv PLITIKEN (Denmark)
2007/08/03 CB2 Reported by Kazumiti Moriyama Impress Robot Watch �iJapan�j
2007/08/01 Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro�AEight trailblazing scientists who are about to change your life CNN.com
2007/07/28 Am I my android? New Scientist
2007/06/08 Child robot acts like toddler USA TODAY (online)
2007/06/02 Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, a group leader of JST ERATO Asada Project, has developed CB2.
2007/04/25 Geminoid EL PAIS. Com (Spain�@CNN)
2007/03/24 "If you're happy, the robot knows it " by Celeste Biever New Scientist Magazine
2007/03/22 "If you're happy, the robot knows it." by Celeste Biever New Scientist Tech. com
2007/03/16 Robot Code of Ethics to Prevent Android Abuse, Protect Humans National Geographic News
2007/02/17 IRT JAPAN 2006 Report (Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, 2006) KBS (Japan)
2007/02/15 "To Be Almost Human Or Not To Be, That Is The Question (Researchers are developing robots that will assist the elderly and disabled, but the wote is split on how human-like they should become.) [Repliee Q2][Geminoid]" electronic design
2007/02/13 Are you too busy to attend a conference? Why not sending a double of yourself like Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro �c Vox Channel (Canada)
2007/02/01 Le Nouveau Japon' -Chaque jour, Le chercheur enseigne a son double Les paroles, les gestes et Les mimiques de L'homme- GEO�@�iFrance�j
2007/01/13 Science ZERO TV �m�g�j KYOIKU
2007/01/01 Rendezvous mit einem Roboter' (by Robert Epstein) �@ (Scientific American German) Gehirn & Geist�@�iSpektrum der Wissenschaft)