CommU Multi-Robots Conversation

Social conversation robot providing sense of conversation without voice recognition

Due to the difficulties in automatic speech recognitions, a robot is hard to continue a coherent conversation with a user. In this study, we focus on a new approach which is to coordinate multiple robots in a conversation to avoid conversational collapse caused by such recognition failures. Through lab-experiments and field trials, we revealed that pre-scheduled turn-taking behavior between multiple robots makes an interlocutor feel like a conversation is coherent regardless of defective recognition results. We are trying to apply this cooperative use of multiple robots to the information presentation systems in education, therapy and advertisement.



人とおしゃべりをするのが得意な "しゃべロボ "の開発を行っています。"しゃべロボ "は、各都道府県のご当地グルメや観光地についておしゃべりすることができます。また、ユーザーは自分の好きな話題を選ぶことができます。このロボットを介護・福祉現場のコンパニオンとして、人々がどのように考えているのか、実証実験を通して調査しています。